5 tips for not falling into bad debt

Many people today struggling to get out of default have come to perform, at some point, that finance is getting out of hand. However, they did not take measures at the right time to reverse the situation. With due care, even in times of recession, it is possible to take precautions and avoid indebtedness. In this article, we will present 5 tips for not falling into default. Check-out:


Maintain strict financial control

Maintain strict financial control

Keeping finances under control It is very important not to fall into default. It is essential to know the exact situation of your financial situation and to detect problems in time that can lead to indebtedness. Try to use a financial control application where you can record your expenses and income, cultivating the habit of updating it frequently. For this, it is worth reserving a special time to evaluate the numbers.


Fine-tune your spending

debt loan

At the slightest indication of financial imbalance, recommended taking action before the problems get worse. Detect superfluous or excessive spending an effective way to avoid default. Take a month to record all your expenses. Yes, all! Do not even leave out trivial day-to-day payments, such as snacks or coffee in between work or college. At the end of the period, gather all the information and organize the expenses according to the sources. You are conditioned to understand what can be reduced or even cut from the budget. Do not be extremely rigid at this time, as excessive cuts can cause great discomfort, causing plans to be abandoned in a short time.


Reassess your leisure time

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Some essential financial education tips can help you. to maintain balance and stay away from default. With some adjustments, It is possible to spend less without compromising the quality of life. Assess, for example, whether your leisure options are within your standard of living. Repeated dinners in restaurants can be replaced by meals at home, just as the cinema session can give way to a good movie at home in the company of friends. Can parks, beaches, and other outdoor environments be integrated into  your routine, contributing to good physical health and also financial?


Escape default by avoiding installments

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When you make an installment purchase, you are committing part of your budget in the following months. As a result, the risk of defaulting increases. Small parcels give a false impression that the purchase came out cheaper than it really is. In most cases, better to save and buy View. In addition to being able to negotiate a good discount,  it does not compromise your income and keeps slack in finance.


Replace expensive debts with cheaper ones

expensive debts

If you realize that the situation is starting to get out of hand, do not hesitate to take action. Options such as credit card revolving and overdraft, although they are more accessible to consumers, charge very high interest rates. Although debt is always a debt,  less expensive credit options that can help you get the house in order before it’s too late. Personal loans, for example, charge much less interest. Once Is it possible to split the loan into several installments, the amount that comes out of the account every month Significantly less than in the revolving or overdraft, which contributes to the financial balance. It is very important to take the necessary measures to avoid falling into default. In addition to being an unpleasant situation, it can be accompanied by several problems,  such as the harassment of collectors or the denial of the name. So, don’t wait any longer to put these tips into practice! Did you like the article How about subscribing to our newsletter and receiving more tips that will help you to have more financial control and avoid default


Thousand USD loans: how to choose the most convenient.

In life, you may have to face unexpected expenses. Savings are not always available and the quickest and most painless solution is to apply for a small loan.

The small loan has the convenience of being required for any type of expense, and can often be requested conveniently online. Whether it’s a repair of your car, a small renovation but also the purchase of an appliance or even for frivolities such as booking a holiday.

How to get a small loan (figures from 1000 to 3000 USD)

How to get a small loan (figures from 1000 to 3000 euros)

Obtaining a 1000 USD loan, considering the relatively low figure, is quite easy and fast. Normally within a few days the approval and the consequent credit of the sum are obtained.  There is also the possibility of receiving the sum without the bank requesting all the necessary guarantees (or even without an envelope).

Clearly, if you request this type of loan, giving all the necessary guarantees, you will have lower interest rates. Without guarantees, interest will increase until it reaches the maximum levels established by law. The reason is easy to understand. The bank assumes a higher risk which must be at least partially protected.

If you want advice, apply for funding directly from the bank where you have your account. There will certainly be a high probability of a positive outcome.

As users’ needs have changed, today the numbers required by banks are very low. No more large mortgages for small loans. This is why almost all lenders have offers that cover these forms of financing.

* The data shown in the table are subject to change and therefore we recommend visiting the official banks or financial websites indicated above.

Interesting is the Spin Lender proposal

Interesting is the Spin Lender proposal

Credit Express Mini is the form designed by Spin Lender for small amounts between 1000 and 3000 USD. The amounts disbursed can be returned in small installments from a minimum of 18 months to a maximum of 36.

As for the rates applied, Spin Lender proposes a fixed Tan equal to 11.90%. The Taeg is variable according to the number of installments chosen. For a sum of 2000 USD to be repaid in 24 installments, its value is equal to 14.95%.

The Capital Lender offer is excellent and is very competitive in small loans. For a sum of 1000 USD to be repaid in 18 installments, it proposes a fixed Tan equal to 9.44% and a Taeg equal to 9.86%. In total, 1076.4 USD will be paid with a monthly installment of 59.8 USD. Good Lender Loans (for figures over 2750 USD) and Compass are also less convenient, but to be taken into consideration according to specific needs.

What loan is the best?

Of course, the one we don’t have to return, right? That would be more of a donation. Let’s take it a little more seriously. When selecting a bank or non-bank entity, we should proceed with caution and think through everything in detail. You should not only be interested in the interest rate and APR amount, but also in the other terms and conditions associated with this service. Is there a possibility to postpone the installment or to repay the entire loan for free? For higher amounts, insurance is paid out in the event that you are injured and unable to repay further. What about other fees for granting or maintaining a loan? Many clients choose financial aid too quickly and often make a mistake, which they realize only when it is too late. For every person, the so-called loan is something different,


The best loan in the bank – low interest

The best loan in the bank - low interest

Banking companies literally fight for every customer. We can see it everywhere. We are bombarded with advertising from all sides, whether it be the Internet, television broadcasting or on the way to work. Ten years ago there were only a few large banks in the Czech Republic. Now every year, small and medium-sized companies are increasingly trying to compete with financial giants. In general, they can see that they are doing quite well because they have ridiculous absurd cartoons. And by increasing the competition of medium-sized businesses, consumers will get a better deal in any sector. The bank loan can be arranged with interest from 4% per year, which sounds very promising. But beware, very often indicate the interest rate “FROM” but clear “DO” is not so transparent. We would hardly point out the best bank loan, as the offers of individual companies are constantly changing. We recommend that you visit your bank branch and ask directly there.


Best loan outside the bank – speed first 

Best loan outside the bank - speed first 

For many people, the loan is the non-bank. Of course, it may be that they failed to get another, but it is no longer a written rule as it used to be. The difference in the products on offer between banks and non-banking companies is constantly decreasing. We still find applicants who will be more satisfied outside the bank, because retirees or mothers on maternity leave have a chance.


The best loan is no loan 

At a time when you need money right away, this sentence will not please you, but it is quite true. Being “owed” is not pleasant, so think about extra extra money.

Instant loans without credit check

Additional collateral for older loan seekers is required for country’s credit. Personal loan, online loan and instant loan.

Credit in the country

Credit in the country

In contrast to Germany, the credit guidelines are less restrictive for customers who want to take out a loan, even though it can vary slightly between credit intermediaries and investors when applying for a loan. Income-free people, such as trainees or housewives, are generally not eligible for a loan . Using a credit calculator, the prospect can find out the optimal credit line for them.

If you want to take out a loan without credit information, as is the rule, you can still get special loans. The reason is that financial institutions and private lenders outside of Germany do not have to make use of the financial services supervision of the responsible federal agency.

Immediate loans are granted less bureaucratically and faster. For example, approval for the use of equity is not necessary.

Instant online credit

Instant online credit

In spite of this, no immediate loans will be granted without complete security if you want to obtain an online loan . For example, above the garnishment limit, a free income unlimited employment relationship is required to obtain a loan. However, self-employed persons cannot apply for bonds either.

Otherwise, anyone who is a client between 18 and 70 years old has a good chance of applying for an immediate loan. However, these conditions can fluctuate between credit intermediaries and providers.

How to apply for an online loan

How to apply for an online loan

Additional collateral is required by older loan seekers who want to apply for a loan. This includes incomeless borrowers, such as students and housewives. The instant credit business is of particular interest to borrowers because, as a rule, they cannot receive loans from credit institutions in the the country.

The loan amount for Loans, on the other hand, is transferred directly to the customer account or by post to the customer account after the contract has been concluded. The borrower can repay the loan in monthly installments. The monthly installments remain unchanged over the entire duration. Borrowers must contact a credit intermediary if they want to apply for an immediate loan, which cooperates with the responsible credit institutions.

Brokerage commissions are charged for the service, which must be added to the cost of lending. By contrast, these additional costs are only required by reputable credit brokers if the loan application has actually been brokered, which will count towards the monthly installments.

Loans for bank bans

Do you want a loan in Switzerland but have a bank account in France? Can you G and your data in France prevent you from accessing the consumer credit? Not sure how to clean your data and get access to a bank account again?
Prohibited “persons are natural persons who have issued an NSF check that has been rejected by a Lite Lender. That is, a check that exceeds the amount available in their account. There are no bank bans in Switzerland because there are no checks gives.

Some more detailed explanations in our article.

In such a case, the debtor / customer receives a warning from the bank asking them to pay the missing amount to their account within 7 days, so that the issued check becomes valid with the threat of being blocked.

The customer must then pay the amount necessary for the cashing of the check and must not be noted in the Lite Lender file as “excluded from banking”.


What are the consequences for a customer who is excluded from banking?


Although the name of a bank block can be scary, don’t worry, it’s usually just about issuing checks in France. However, this has more painful consequences, such as:

  • Registration with the Lite Lender headquarters
  • The payment of all your check books
  • Ban checks for up to 5 years (on all bank accounts of a Lite Lender).
  • The fees charged by the bank take back your payment and credit cards.

In Switzerland, for example, you can no longer receive a personal loan because your move from the Lite Lender is not “virgin”.


How do we get out of such a situation?

bank loans

The best solution is to pay the amount of the rejected check as soon as possible, if possible within at least 7 days.
Your banker then has 2 days to inform the Lite Lender. This will remove your negative entry in the central check register. If you have not been able to do this in time and it is too late, and if the entry has already been noted in the central file of the Lite Lender, then you should contact your bank as soon as possible.

There will be a more complicated discussion to negotiate individually with the bank that “announced” the case of the payment once you were able to update your “updated” account.


Is it possible to get a loan with bank restrictions in Switzerland?

Is it possible to get a loan with bank restrictions in Switzerland?

If you have a G license, the ban ban will prevent you from getting a personal loan. As mentioned above, you must first change your registration with Lite Lender.

However, each case is unique and contains its own peculiarities.
If a cross-border commuter in Switzerland needs a personal loan, the list of requested documents differs from that of “classic” customers. We ask, among other things:

  • A copy of the G permit
  • A copy of the payslips
  • A copy of an EDF bill or phone bill to justify your address.
  • A copy of the accounts in France, but also your bank accounts in Switzerland.
  • A copy of the Lite Lender, for the famous “non-banking ban”.

How To Find A Cheap Loan For Computer?


If you are missing some money for a computer for study, or simply as a replacement for the old one, then you can easily borrow some money for this purpose.

Typically, it will be difficult to get a loan from the bank that is simply for consumption, and therefore it may be necessary to look for other options. Here you have the opportunity to take out a loan online.

The smart thing about these loans is that you have to provide collateral to the loan providers and at the same time you do not have to explain what the money is to be used for.

Therefore, getting an online approval is easier and faster. However, there are many different online loan providers to choose from, so finding out where it is best to lend can be difficult. Read on here and become wiser.

Get an overview of computer loans

Get an overview of computer loans

Here, we would like to help you get an overview of your options for borrowing. That’s why we’ve created a loan calculator to help you with me. In this, you simply enter how much you need to borrow and for how long, and you will then get an overview of possible loan providers.

The smart thing here is that you can compare what the individual can offer you on terms and what they set of conditions for you to be accepted as a borrower. A good thing to compare is among other things. what the individual loan providers can offer. The APR is an expression of how much you will pay on your loan per year. The lower this is, the cheaper the loan will be per year.

How much can be borrowed for a computer?

How much can be borrowed for a computer?

How much you can lend to a computer will depend on the loan provider you choose and the type of loan you choose. You have the opportunity here to find two types of loans – a consumer loan and a quick loan.

The consumer loan allows you to borrow larger amounts, up to USD 350,000, and has a maturity that can run up to 15 years. The smart thing here is that you can borrow larger amounts and subsequently have a longer maturity on the loan, so there is enough time to pay off the loan.

The default loan, on the other hand, is if you would like to borrow a little less amount, and then repay the loan quickly.

You thus have the option of borrowing up to USD 6,000, with some providers USD 10,000, which must then be repaid within 30 days. However, this loan is characterized by having such high interest rates, so it is very important that it be repaid quickly. However, it is possible to borrow for free from some loan providers the first time you borrow.

Only on condition that the loan is repaid within 30 days.

Loans for computer now

Loans for computer now

If you have decided that you would like to lend money online to a computer, simply do the following:

You use the loan calculator found here to get an overview of your loan options. From the overview you choose which loan provider you would like to apply for a loan from.

When you apply for a loan, you will be redirected to the loan provider’s website, where you must complete an application form.

You will get a response after typically a few minutes whether your loan is approved.

If the loan is approved, the money will be paid out immediately or the day after.

Vacation loan – yes or no?

Many people borrow money to buy ordinary consumer goods. Whether it’s small electronics, home appliances or other home furnishings, it’s always a thing that is expected to serve for some time. But what about a vacation loan? Are a couple of days traveling, relaxing, relaxing, swimming in the sea or climbing mountains worth of debt even for long months?

For obvious reasons, most people look forward to holiday. Nowadays, there are so many ways to spend it until a person can get a headache. It depends on everyone’s preferences, whether they choose a winter active holiday in the form of skiing in the Alps or just skiing in the New Town, going on a trip to Chernobyl to see what is left after one of the world’s largest disasters with their own eyes, visiting the most beautiful castles and castles in the Czech Republic or take a trip to get to know the most beautiful Czech lakes.

She can choose a summer holiday by the sea, a sightseeing weekend, a trip to an exotic country or she can experience adrenaline in the Czech Republic, for example on the best ferrata in the Czech Republic.

But everything has a small hook. Holiday simply costs something, sometimes “only” a few thousand, sometimes up to tens of thousands of dollars. Generally, it attracts mainly exoticism, and it specifically belongs to the more expensive. How to save when buying a holiday ? There are several ways, among other things you can use discount portals, which present many tours to popular destinations with a significant discount.

Holidays in exotic countries cost several tens of thousands of dollars – can significantly affect the family budget.

According to many statistics, most people save on vacation during the year (or use money from a savings account or building savings ). However, a significant percentage of people use the loan to pay their holiday. Is it okay?


There is no way back

There is no way back

Financial experts agree almost unanimously that taking a loan for something that only benefits a few days is economic nonsense. Similarly, they are thinking, for example, of loans for gifts, which increase each year in December before Christmas.

If you take a loan for a car or laptop, you can sell this thing in case of financial problems, get money to repay the loan and ward off even imminent execution.

Holiday, however, “consumes” in a few days or weeks. The loan is subsequently repaid for several months. When financial problems come, there is nothing to make the holiday financially worthwhile. And of course the same applies to the aforementioned gifts. Perhaps it is difficult for a person with financial problems to go to the recipient to take back the donated thing.


A small loan is also a commitment

The danger of holiday or travel loans is also that these are not extremely high amounts. In a mortgage, almost everyone considers all pros and cons very thoroughly. With lower loans, however, people often neglect to make a careful choice and, with a wave of their hand, add that it is only a few thousand.

While mortgages people deal with in great detail, small loans sometimes take quite thoughtlessly.

However, even small loans can cause large debts. In particular, short-term loans, quick loans or micro-loans have not only high interest rates, but also total APRCs. In addition, very high penalties are charged when payments are not made in time.

Online loans are also very attractive. Those interested in a financial injection do not even need to go anywhere, they handle everything from the comfort of their home. It may be a loan without proof of income, depending on the conditions of each provider.

This is one of the reasons why you should change your holiday loan. And if it is nevertheless thought to be a good idea, it should make a good choice for the provider of the planned loan.


Even cheap holidays become more expensive on the loan

Even cheap holidays become more expensive on the loan

People considering vacation loans should calculate everything thoroughly. Advantageous first-minute or last-minute trips can be made more expensive by borrowing to the extent that the word favorable will completely lose its meaning. All you have to do is calculate the price of the trip plus the price of the loan plus any other expenses that you will have to pay during the holiday preparation or during the holiday itself. The whole amount can be a radical intervention in the family budget (especially if only one parent receives only the parental allowance ).

A vacation loan does not have to mean problems only in case of its default. Since it is likely to be repaid within the next few months after the holiday, it may jeopardize the possibility of taking out a loan for something more important than the holiday. You never know what can happen – the car stops, the mobile phone breaks, the fridge or the washing machine won’t work.

Lenders can either directly reject the application due to unpaid holiday loan or increase the interest rate due to uncertainty. However, neither option is pleasant.


Exceptions prove the rule

vacation loan

There are loans which are subject to certain rules and are free of interest. These are the so-called first free loans, offered by a number of non-bank providers and usually have a shorter maturity. How does it relate to vacation?

It may happen that one encounters a very convenient trip, for example, to places you always wanted to see. It would be the fulfillment of his long-term dream, simply a unique opportunity that cannot be resisted. But there is some day to pay, and it is not saved. A free loan can be a good solution in this situation, thanks to which you can book your trip in time and pay for it.

Most often, it is required to repay this loan within 30 days and if it does, nothing is paid beyond the principal itself. So if you are absolutely sure that you will be able to repay the loan from the next payout and there will be no increase, nothing will prevent your dream vacation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of credit card

We often confuse a credit card with a debit card. A credit card is more or less a revolving loan and the holder of such a card can gradually repay the loan and continue to draw money from it. On the other hand, the debit card is tied to a current or business account and its use is not associated with any other service; Credit cards were the domain of banks, but currently they are also offered by non-banking companies. Will it pay and what are the fees associated with this service?


Interest rate

The card will get an account that will not even a crown, but with its use you can go any time to minus and thus use the aforementioned revolving loan . And it is from these funds that the interest rate is charged. Examples include:

  • ATM withdrawal
  • buying goods on the Internet
  • payment in store

The amount of interest is in the order of several tens of percent, which makes credit card quite expensive.


Management fees

Management fees

In the vast majority of cases you will be charged for maintenance of the card, which can cost tens to hundreds of crowns. The disadvantage is that you pay the fee even if you haven’t used your card at all this month. On the other hand, many banking companies will forgive you if you meet certain minimum spending requirements.


Minimum installment

installment loan

With the use of a credit card, we also have to think of a minimum payment, which can sometimes complicate our management. You may be subject to penalties or fines if there is a delay. The amount of such repayment is set as a flat rate or depends on how much money we spent that month. The minimum repayment covers interest rates .


How much do I actually pay for a credit card?

Representative example of a credit card kept at Lite Lender (21.11.2019)

Type of consumer credit: credit card credit. Total loan amount: USD 30,000. Duration of the loan: indefinitely. Interest rate: 24% per year. Monthly installment: USD 2,836. Price for management: 50 USD per month. APR is 31.30%. The total amount payable by the client is USD 34,632.

The example is based on the normally provided loan amount and the assumptions that the loan agreement will be concluded on the 11th of the month and that the loan will be immediately drawn down in full and repaid by 12 equal installments on the 5th of the month.


Benefits of using a credit card

credit card

  • promotion and cashback
  • interest-free period usually 55 days
  • Easy payment in shops in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • possibility of insurance
  • installment holidays


Cons Credit Cards

Cons Credit Cards

  • high interest rate
  • card maintenance fees
  • the tendency to spend more than we can afford
  • short interest-free period


Pristo – a smart alternative to a credit card

credit card

Pristo is a service that will make your internet payment easier. It offers the possibility to shop in hundreds of e-shops in a single click without having to copy the data from your card. You can also pay bills and invoices much faster and easier than ever thanks to Pristo. Download is also a free app thanks to you will keep track of your expenses. Each payment can be postponed for 14 – 45 days without having to apply for a loan or use a credit card.